Happynes is...

This may be as close as it gets to heaven on earth. I would never have guessed it was in Oklahoma. Just north of Oklahoma City on Route 66 is Pop's Soda Ranch, a little gas station / restaurant / warehouse of soda. They stock over 600 different sodas.

I picked up a hand full of sodas you just cant find any longer. One of which was a bottle of Kickapoo-Joy-Juice, a soda I have heard my dad talk about since I was a kid.

Reese was brave and ordered a bottle of blueberry pop with his meal. I think they served me the best burger I've ever had. It may have been the applewood smoked bacon.
Visit the soda ranch now >

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  1. We visited Pop's Soda Ranch last year and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. However if there's one person on this planet that would like it more than I did, it's you, Dain! I'm glad you got to experience Pop's and stock up on loot.

    Did you drink your "Route Beer"?