1967 NFL Pennants

Original 1967 NFL Pennants. Nearly the complete set.

Many of these Pennants are in Pristine condition. Perfect colors, perfect printing, no wrinkles, no pin holes, never been hung. Sweet vintage team logos. Some teams have moved or are no longer around.

Contact the RetroSalvageGarage.com to order. (218-940-0042) Only one of each available.

Pennants are priced based on the shape it's in, highest price = pristine condition. Lesser priced pennants may have some color transfer or bleed. White pennants faired worse than colored ones. (On all pennants I can claim: No creases, No color fading, No pin holes.) 

Prices shown do not reflect shipping cost.


Jackpot of vintage baseball hats!

I could spend a lot of money here:



Movie poster

Great design on the poster too. The vertical layout grabs the eye. Unconventional.


I can't wait for this movie!!!

42 from Warner Bros - I can not wait for this movie to come out. (April

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Web site  -  http://42movie.warnerbros.com/


Is there a connection?

Watching Pixar Up with the kids the other night and got to wondering if there may be a connection between the one Shady Oaks caregiver that comes to pick up Mr. Fredrickson and Ben Stillers character on Happy Gilmore? You make the call.



My dad had one of these stashed away when I was a kid. We used to bring it out every now and then. It easily provided nearly a half an hour of enjoyment. What a dinosaur.


A crime against...

It's been documented that that the Dolphins had planned on updating or changing their logo at the end of this season. It seems that recently the new design may have been leaked out. If this is in fact the new logo they plan to unveil after the superbowl, I'm bummed.

My fingers are crossed in hopes that this travesty of a design is just a web hoax. A team with as much history as the Dolphins deserves a better try. The dolphin looks like it should be on the side of a Barbie "swim with the dolphins" play set! It looks graceful... This is supposed to be football! What a crummy logo!

Below is a logo comparison, new and old...


What a class touch on these throwbacks!

I love it when pro sports teams go with their throwback uniforms. (Most of the time... I'm not so sure about those Steeler duds from last week, or what the Packers tried with those navy jerseys.)

This Sunday the Washington redskins are going with a nod to their 1937 get-ups. Nike released photos not too long ago, and the team practiced with them this week. I think where the Pac and Steelies fell short the Skins are looking dang nifty!

Check out the leather texture on the helmet. They obviously can't go with the old cardboard and leather helmets (Roger Goodell would have a complete pansy fit!) so this made for the next best option.

Hope the skins end up being televised.


More vintage goodness!

Love to see the movement to the past! The Houston Astros are going to move back to their retro logo as they make their move to the AL.


In your face(book)!

Hey the Retro Salvage Garage is on facebook. Come "like" us!

7up Re-Design.

The 7up brand is making a re-design to their logo. Has kind of a vintage yet modern look. If that's possible. Very clean, fresh. How did it take this long for them to think to put the "up" inside the red dot. Have to say... I like it. (...it likes me*)
*You have to know 7up to get that one.

Take a look at the rest of the brand packaging here.

Problem is, they are launching the design in other countries first. Wonder when it will show up in the US?


Flip it!

I have a ton of fun following the progression of small amounts of money as I flip it into bigger bills.

Here is the latest example: About a month ago I noticed that bidding on a Matthew Stafford football jersey was going to end around 3 am. Little tip about ebay, keep an eye on listings that end late at night when nobody is still up to get into bidding wars. Sure enough, there was little activity on the jersey and I was able to snatch it for $15. This was the pro grade style jersey with everything stitched, not just printed. When the jersey arrived, I shot much better photos than the previous listing, and put it back up on ebay. It also helps that the NFL season is about to start and fans are getting excited about their teams again. Time to sell! After listing it I spread the word via twitter and facebook to my network of collectors and buyers. Few days latter I sold it for $50.

I had been waiting for $50 to fall in my lap. There was an old Best Western motel roadside sign that I had my eye on for quite a while. After some negotiating I was able to buy the old sign for the fifty in cash.

So back to ebay with my new (very old) sign. After I list big items I like to do a bit of unconventional advertising for them. I began to search facebook for groups of people that might be interested in a sign like this. For this one, I joined a few facebook fan groups of mid-century modern homes and design. I then copied the ebay listing link and shared it with the group. I did the same thing for Route 66 fan pages. This gives my item the chance to be viewed by tons more people than just those surfing ebay. This type of advertising has worked like gangbusters for me.

So today the sign sold. My $15 is now $150 and I'm a happy dude. (My wife will soon be a happy gal because the $$$ are going towards the remodel of our master bedroom!)


Rat Rod Bicycles.

Recently aquiered a vintage AMC  bicycle. It needs only a little bit of work to restore it, but I think instead I will turn it into a rat rod bicycle. Embrace the rust! I can't quite learn to like the pristine, perfectly restored bikes, or anything for that matter. I love the junk I find in it's roached out form. Let the grunge speak for itself. It's cooler the way it is.

So I'm not going to go on an endless search to match the exact parts to this bike. I'm going to build it with any original part that I find that makes this thing scream.

In the 50s the greaser culture started taking some of these bikes and replicating the way their motorcycles looked. I love it. So this is what I'm after with my bike:

My new favorite thing in the world!

These rat rod COE (Cab-Over-Engine) trucks are the coolest thing ever! Used as utility haulers, tow trucks and flatbeds in the 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, these trucks are becoming popular as rat rods or chopped up customs. I want one! Just spotted one in Crosby the other day.


Fresh up with some 70s funk!

I salvaged a large, metal 7up sign from the 1970s today. It's embossed with a lot of it's color still in tact. Should be an easy re-sell. Although, it would look pretty cool above my soda bar!


When we were kids...

I'm looking for those old helmets we used as a kid. If you have one I would love to offer you cash for it. Any team, any condition.

Remember playing football on a grassy boulevard as a kid with 8 to 10 other kids of various ages? We would have those old two bar helmets from the 70s and 80s. Some of us were lucky enough to have a cool jersey to go along with the shell on our head, and if not you just put masking tape numbers on an old shirt. I remember getting terrible strawberries on my knees and arms from being tackled out of bounds, aka the street! Ahh, good times.


Most recent find... Bell System Phone NOS signs.

 Picked these up last weekend. Man it was hot in the lofts of those barns, 80+ outside, it must have been 120 up there.

Any way bought some new old stock (NOS) Bell System signs from a guy that worked with Bell for around 30 years. These signs are in mint condition, never hung, still divided with the original paper separators.

This Bell logo was used by the company from 1921 through 1938, so these have some age to them.

Check them out on ebay >



Just put this vintage heavy gauge metal stop sign up for sale. From 1924 to 1954, stop signs were made with a black STOP legend on a yellow field. After that all stop signs in the US went to red. So the sign is at least 55 years old.

It's funny to think that this sign has been sitting around somewhere for years and years before I was even born, then one day I came along and salvaged it from it's resting place. Makes you feel not so old.

Check it out on ebay >


4,256 hits!

I know he had his troubles, but in his day, before the gambling... was there a better player than Pete Rose? He holds the all time MLB hit record at 4,256! There aren't many in the 3,000 hit club, but there is only one other player to join Rose past 4,000... Ty Cob.

Was extremely lucky to get this autograph at the price I did!
It's on the wall in my baseball room. It framed up pretty cool with an old match-book I had from Pete's restaurant. Love it!

Classic boat lovers, check out this FeatherCraft flag.

 Salvaged this nifty old time boat flag this past weekend. FeatherCraft made some mighty snappy looking aluminum boats back in the day.

For it's age, the flag is in good shape, fabric and stitching is great.

It's 2 sided printing...

Original pole and hard wear also...

Should be an easy sell, Would be great in a cabin for decor! Or maybe this is the last piece to a restoration of an old boat for someone.

Check it out on ebay now >


Fishing opener in Minnesota.

Since fishing is now open in MN I had time to sift through my tackle boxes. Look for these additional antique fishing lures to be listed on ebay soon. I'll also post them on the for sale page of my site. http://retrosalvagegarage.com/Shop_the_Garage.html

Going Mobil

Been a while since I bought it, but I realized I had not yet posted a photo... Picked up this old, 2 sided Mobil sign over a month ago. My guess is it's a late 60's early 70's sign. Heavy duty outdoor hanging hardware still attached at top. Hope to have a cool garage to someday hang this one.


Some pretty funky stuff...

I heard a rumor that antique taxidermy sells for a good price, so a few weeks ago while at a barn I bought this shadowbox of a mink that caught a mouse. Felt pretty weird buying it because the thing just looks so funky and old. This is easily the oddest thing I've ever bought.

I'm sure my wife can't wait until this thing sells!