What a class touch on these throwbacks!

I love it when pro sports teams go with their throwback uniforms. (Most of the time... I'm not so sure about those Steeler duds from last week, or what the Packers tried with those navy jerseys.)

This Sunday the Washington redskins are going with a nod to their 1937 get-ups. Nike released photos not too long ago, and the team practiced with them this week. I think where the Pac and Steelies fell short the Skins are looking dang nifty!

Check out the leather texture on the helmet. They obviously can't go with the old cardboard and leather helmets (Roger Goodell would have a complete pansy fit!) so this made for the next best option.

Hope the skins end up being televised.

1 comment:

  1. These old uniforms are looking awesome, Its seems like I return in my childhood. What a brilliant work you've done.

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