Flip it!

I have a ton of fun following the progression of small amounts of money as I flip it into bigger bills.

Here is the latest example: About a month ago I noticed that bidding on a Matthew Stafford football jersey was going to end around 3 am. Little tip about ebay, keep an eye on listings that end late at night when nobody is still up to get into bidding wars. Sure enough, there was little activity on the jersey and I was able to snatch it for $15. This was the pro grade style jersey with everything stitched, not just printed. When the jersey arrived, I shot much better photos than the previous listing, and put it back up on ebay. It also helps that the NFL season is about to start and fans are getting excited about their teams again. Time to sell! After listing it I spread the word via twitter and facebook to my network of collectors and buyers. Few days latter I sold it for $50.

I had been waiting for $50 to fall in my lap. There was an old Best Western motel roadside sign that I had my eye on for quite a while. After some negotiating I was able to buy the old sign for the fifty in cash.

So back to ebay with my new (very old) sign. After I list big items I like to do a bit of unconventional advertising for them. I began to search facebook for groups of people that might be interested in a sign like this. For this one, I joined a few facebook fan groups of mid-century modern homes and design. I then copied the ebay listing link and shared it with the group. I did the same thing for Route 66 fan pages. This gives my item the chance to be viewed by tons more people than just those surfing ebay. This type of advertising has worked like gangbusters for me.

So today the sign sold. My $15 is now $150 and I'm a happy dude. (My wife will soon be a happy gal because the $$$ are going towards the remodel of our master bedroom!)

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