Twins vs. Dodgers tonight! Classic matchup.

I like watching the Twins play the Dodgers. Reminds me of watching old 1965 World Series footage.

I was lucky enough to go see the Twins Dodgers play each-other for the first time since the 65 series a few years back with my lifelong pal Mitch.

Actually my favorite piece of baseball memorabilia in my personal dugout is the 65 game 6 box seat ticket stub from my grandpa. That was the game Mudcat Grant nearly single-handedly won the game. He pitched a great game and hit a 3 run shot. I got Grant's autograph on the stub 2 years ago! Cant imagine what that is worth. (Doesn't matter it's not for sale.) The stub pictured is similar to mine and is going on ebay for over $100.

Go Twins let's get back to winning.

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