Crushed it out of the park!

Y'all know I'm a big fan of vintage and retro stuff.

Well I've been watching this TV show on the History Channel called "American Pickers" where these two guys travel around to old farms and junkyards to find cool vintage stuff from the past. Anything from old bikes, car parts, signs, the list goes on. They just ask if the homeowner is willing to take cash offers on junk they have in barns or sheds.

I started thinking that what they were doing was just a more pro-active way of garage saling. I always search garage sales or antique shops for old baseball, soda or sign stuff. Why not do like these guys on TV, and get out there and find this stuff for myself.

So this afternoon I threw on a pair of old jeans, my vintage Orange Crush t-shirt and headed off for a place I had seen along the highway.

Got there and asked the guys if they minded me taking a look at some of their stuff and then making them cash offers.

I dug around for a long time putting together a heap of stuff that I thought I would like to make offers on. Eventually the owner began to show me additional items that may be of interest. We came to an agreement on pricing on many items. The most ironic thing of the day is two of the items I ended up with was a vintage Orange Crush metal chalkboard sign and a steel sided Crush can!

This picking thing is addictive!

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