Standard is Tops! for me.

One of my best selling group of items is oil or gasoline service related stuff.
The problem for me is, half this stuff is really cool, and I have a tough time parting with it. Some items I have to force myself to sell.

So like most collectors, I have to narrow myself down to one or two specific items to chase.

Half the fun of finding, collecting or selling junk is the thrill of the chase or the find. I like to collect items that are harder to find than others. For example, It's fairly easy to find Coke stuff. It's worth plenty, but it's not to hard to find. So with my soda collection, I usually gravitate towards brands like 7up, Bubble Up, or Crush. It's out there to find, but it's much harder to find than a Pepsi or Coke.

Standard Oil or American Oil seems to fit that tricky to find item group in my quest for oil collectibles. I find a lot of Texaco, Mobil and Shell items. All of these do re-sell quite well. But it seems to be a challenge to find Standard stuff.

So the search is on. I have found only 2 Standard items over the past 3 months. One, the small oil can pictured, and second, a old Standard station issued road map. It's cool because Route 66 still exists on the map as a major route.

One other reason I chose Standard as my new search obsession, is because my first major pick and sale was the Red Crown Gasoline sign. Red Crown was the premier grade gasoline sold by Standard. In the B&W photo attached you can see, on top of the Standard pumps, the same Red Crown globe that was on the front of the huge sign I sold.

Please let me know if you see or find old Standard or American oil junk.

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