Find of the summer.

 I've spent the summer digging for old signs, rusty oil cans and soda bottles needing polish. But last week I made the pick of my summer. After selling my 97 VW Jetta, I followed up on a craigslist ad from a few weeks back. Jamie, Mads and I drove for hours to just outside of Kerkhoven, MN where we bought a 1964 Ford f-100 truck. I think the guy must have had the truck stored away for most of it's life, because the thing has a cleaner body than the car I just sold. The engine sounds like a muscle car, it's actually an impala 400 small block. The interior is all metal and leather. The oldies station sounds great on the old speakers. There are a few things I need and also want to do with it in the next few days. It's been a dandy week!


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