My dream car. 64 or 65 VW van

I know I just got a sweet old retro truck, but it's like a drug once you start... Here's a photo of my dream car. If I had the choice of any car in the world this would be it. Nifty!


  1. Vintage VW vans always remind me of my grandma. She has a red Volkswagen Camper. It used to be our hang out place where she tells all wonderful stories. She remodeled it into a teahouse which she uses to conduct little family gatherings. :’>

    Maria ^^

  2. vintage vans is cool. my grandpa has a van like this too his is grey. we used to travel using grandpa's van. i love it and i enjoy riding it

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  3. I love that vintage Volkswagen van too! Last Christmas, my grand mom gave me the most wonderful gift ever: her 50-year-old Volkswagen Bus Type 2! She really knows how to make me happy. :”> Anyway, do you have your dream now? =)

    - Arlyne Nelms