Throwback baseball

Great to see two MLB franchises going back to where they began.

First, the Blue Jays are back! It's been a rough stretch watching the team go through puberty. (Example: #1-2) But they are going back to the way we loved them as kids! I love the retro jerseys and hats. (Example: #3-4) I used to have one of those sweet old batting helmets as a kid. (Example: #5) Watch the video below:


Second, the Florida Marlins are changing their name to the Miami Marlins. Most people don't know that at one point the Miami Marlins was the name of a Class AAA American minor league baseball franchise based in Miami, Florida, that played in the International League from 1956 through 1960.

I like that they have chosen to continue with the name from so long ago, however I'm not so sure about the new logo and uniforms. 

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